A true love story by Beki & Chris

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Beki & Chris were engaged for 1 year before having their beautiful wedding day in May 2015 at the lovely Algarve!

Chris and I first met when we were young children, we grew up in the same town.  I went to after school activities with Chris's sister and later went to the same secondary school.  Never did we think back then that we would marry each other.  It wasn’t until I went on holiday to my parents villa in Portugal and Chris went on holiday to a friends villa in the same town that we realised we liked each other.  At first we thought it was just a holiday romance and decided that we would remain friends....well that didn’t last long!

We decided to get married in the Algarve because Portugal plays a huge part in both of our lives, apart from being where we got together I also lived in Lisbon for 2 years and have had a family villa in the Algarve for many years. We have had so many amazing holidays out there since we have been together and have some great friends there too.  On May 28TH 2014 Chris proposed to me on the beach in Armacao de Pera! It was an unwritten decision then that there was only one place for us to have our wedding!

Amazing wedding planners! We honestly would not have been able to have our wedding without the help of Dalia and Algarve Events.  When we first contacted Dalia we had a venue provisionally booked, a lovely beach restaurant where I had always dreamed of getting married. We met with the owners of the restaurant and Dalia and well I can honestly say Dalia was worth her weight in gold that day.  The venue owners went back on everything we had agreed and weren't willing to have any of the day as we wanted, so with that after a three hour meeting we left there with friends and families accommodation booked, 9 months to go and no venue! The very next day Dalia took us to every venue we could visit, within 6 hours we had a new wedding venue (a mind blowing resort with exceptional service) and on the date we needed.  Dalia had saved us from a near wedding disaster. 

Throughout the months leading up to the venue Dalia was always at the end of the phone, text or email! Some aspects of the wedding we could have not have completed without her help - the legal paperwork for example.  Dalia was even there to help us out when we missed a flight out to Portugal, she rang our car hire and rearranged that for us as well as rescheduling appointments we were going to miss.

Being a Bride to be can make you into an award madam, , when I was unhappy with my first make up trial (in hindsight it was me being fussy!) Dalia simply rearranged for a trial with a different make up artist.

On our wedding day Dalia kept both of us very calm.  She knew how much of a pain my husband to be could be with his time keeping but she made sure he was where he needed to be at all times.  Not once during the day did I think 'oh gosh what do we need to do next', we had a little person over our shoulder showing us where to go!

Our wedding day was Incredible, utterly amazing.  We were very lucky to share our day with 80 of our family and friends.  I can honestly say not one aspect of the day went wrong in the slightest.  The care and service we received from Algarve Events and our venue was impeccable.  The whole day was more than we could have ever dreamed of!

To some our highlight of the day and the memory that makes me cry when I think of it may seem a strange one but it makes me feel all warm inside. It was when we heard one of our ushers announce us as Mr and Mrs Murphy as we walked into our wedding breakfast.  We had chosen the perfect song and as we walked in every single one of our guests was up on their feet, clapping, dancing and whistling for the whole song.  It was amazing seeing everyone looking so happy!

I will forever remember seeing Dalia's face when my husband to be told her he was getting married wearing pink trousers was very amusing! A long time we spent trying to find something the same colour pink so she knew what on earth he was talking about.  I take my hat off to him, he did pull them off well!


With my hand on my heart I can honestly say Dalia will be a friend for life! Since the wedding she has helped my husband with various surprises for me.  I know for sure we will always fit in lunch together when we are in portugal. Especially as next time we are over we will have our little Honeymoon baby for Dalia to have a cuddle with!


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