A true love story by Gemma & Todd

20.03.2017 / 0 comments / Categoria: ... And they were happily ever after!

Gemma and Todd saw their holidays with a small group of friends in the Algarve as the perfect opportunity to “tie the knot”!

G&T met at work (nothing particularly romantic there!)

We decided to get married in the Algarve as we were already going with a small group of friends for Todd’s 40th birthday. Our main aim was to have the three children there and as we only wanted a small, intimate wedding it seemed the perfect opportunity for this.

Although we had booked the holiday itself 6 months prior, we only made the decision to see if it was even possible to organize the wedding in such a small amount of time at the end of August, about 6 or 7 weeks before we were going to be in the Algarve. Susana got back to us straight away, we arranged to speak on the phone within a few days and she immediately had a few ideas, very quickly finding something that was exactly what we were looking for. We could not have done it without her. The wedding planning was perfect!

Our wedding day was very much “us”. We got married in the early evening, watched the sunset as we ate dinner in a restaurant overlooking the beach and then went back to our villa. For us, especially already having children, the focus was on being, rather than getting married, but we don’t feel we lost anything in the simplicity of it all. I will never forget the venue, and the registrar, who was a real character (in a good way!).

A funny and unique episode from our day: Explaining to our daughter that we did not have a change of clothes when she got too close to the water and a wave went over her head, and so she was just going to have to wait for her bridesmaid dress to dry off (which it did, very quickly, in the lovely weather). Our baby also took a shine to her hairband, which made for an interesting family photo when he was adamant he was taking it from her just at the pivotal time!

Algarve Events, Never lose why you are doing it, or feel things have got too far away from what you were looking for. Someone said to me remember what getting married is actually about and, if you do that, it hopefully keeps your focus with regards to your plans.


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