A true love story by Greg & Alex

20.03.2017 / 0 comments / Categoria: ... And they were happily ever after!

Greg & Alex decided to have their amazing wedding in the Algarve, a very special place for them. Now a few months after their amazing day, the couple remembers how much happiness and joy they felt and how much their guests loved the day!

We met on the 13th August 2004, I was out with my younger brother Thomas, and Greg was out with friends Karl and Brett. After a few too many drinks, both groups headed to Rubyz nightclub in the triangle, putting us in ‘the right place, at the right time’.

We decided to get married in the Algarve because we visit the Algarve many times a year to spend time at the family holiday home. It is somewhere very special to us, so was an easy decision. It’s also an easy place to get to from our hometown (Bournemouth), so we knew our guests would have an enjoyable and easy trip over.

We could not have chosen a better wedding and planning company to organize our wedding. they are was fantastic! We feel like our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without Susana. Every step of the way she was there with all the answers that we needed, and she recommended all the best people to make our special day so perfect. The wedding day was managed and coordinated so well. Thanks you so much Susana, we are truly grateful.

We felt so happy on our wedding day, as everything went so smoothly and to plan. We were able to enjoy ourselves and have fun with our loved ones whilst everything was taken care of by such a professional team of people. Everybody that Susana recommended was so professional and did their job perfectly.

There is so much that we will remember, but mainly the happiness we felt and how much our guests loved our special day.

There are always funny episodes at weddings and Our Spice Girls singalong of ‘2 Become 1’ during the ceremony was such a unique and fun thing to do, and our guests loved it! We felt that this started the day off with a really fun and not too serious vibe, which made everybody relaxed.

We really cannot give any criticism to Algarve Events work, just praise as she handled everything perfectly and we could really tell that she cared, and was exciting for our wedding. We will really miss our meetings and espressos at the AE office. We will definitely be coming back for our next event… Thinking caps are on! :)



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